Planning for the Future Through Insurance

Whether you’re new to the Island of Guam or are a long-time resident, it won’t take long until you meet someone victim to the Island’s infamous storms and typhoons. For both minor or major damage caused by Mother Nature’s calamities, Commercial Property Insurance is necessary to keep your operations up and running.

Commercial Property Insurance often differs from your typical Homeowner’s Policy in that it specifically extends coverage to the contents of your business whether you rent, lease or own the building of operations. The more comprehensive your insurance plan can often determine how fast your business gets back on its feet.

Why Work with AXS

The AXS team remains stalwart and ready to help our clients in the case of a natural disaster. Our goal is to make sure that all possible exposures are accounted for when planning and applying for insurance coverage. Our aim is to maintain fair and equal cooperation between carriers and our clients when negotiating and settling claims. Our friendly staff is here for you to help you get back on your feet while still trying to save you both time and money on your Commercial Property Insurance plan.