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Although we don’t often like to think about it, crime and employee dishonesty are common issues that accompany commercial business propriety. Despite the many steps one may take to secure their business, Crime and Employee Dishonesty Insurance is essential to recovering any losses from such happenings.

Crime and Employee Dishonesty Insurance can be crucial to restoring what is lost due to internal and external crime. Although most businesses take the utmost care to secure themselves from outside forces, it is often hard to avoid internal issues. For these and many other scenarios Crime and Employee Dishonesty coverage allows employers to rest at ease knowing that they are covered from both internal and external threats.

Why Work with AXS

AXS Insurance offers our clients personalized and quality service when it comes to crime and employee dishonesty coverage. Our strong relationships with local carriers gives you a variety of different options to choose from to find the most comprehensive coverage.

We aim to help businesses thrive through rebalancing and strengthening coverage and as well work with our clients to identify gaps and overlap in their coverage plans all while saving you time and money. At AXS we are your personal advocates and help you in the negotiation process to ensure both our clients and carriers maintain healthy relationships.