Insurance by Land, by Air and by Sea

Lesser known than other types of coverage, Inland Marine Insurance covers unique insurance needs such as building contents, vehicles outside of your commercial auto coverage, valuables and other insurable assets. In the event your business suffers a loss that is not typically covered in other commercial packages, Inland Marine can help you recover those losses.

Finding the right plan to suit your business becomes increasingly difficult the more specialized your field is. For this, Inland Marine Insurance helps those specialized businesses recover losses and return to business as usual.

Why Work with AXS

Our staff is both knowledgeable and experienced with the local needs of our clients here on Guam. Whether by storm, fire, or other natural disaster, the AXS team Is constantly analyzing market trends, evaluating and updating insurance planning and expanding our carrier network to give our clients a wide range of options to find the right coverage.

We aim to tailor your insurance coverage to meet your specific and unique insurance needs and go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have a hassle free and easy time shopping and applying for or maintaining their insurance plans make sure that all aspects of their business is covered.