Insurance for Both the Good and the Bad

All industries, businesses and their proprietors take on several risks and exposures when opening shop. Some that can be easily foreseen, while others cannot truly be planned and accounted for. Although you may be putting your best foot forward in the quality goods and services you may be providing, Professional Liability coverage is there to catch you for those unforeseen circumstances.

What sets Professional Liability Insurance apart from General Liability is that it specifically addresses losses because of goods sold or services rendered to a third party. Although you may be doing your best to provide quality services to your customers, everyone is human and Professional Liability Insurance covers any insurance needs due to human error.

Why Work with AXS

Our team is known for our friendly and family-oriented customer service, in cases of Professional Liability we know that confidentiality, professionalism and understanding can make the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant customer experience. Especially for those in the medical field or for small business owners, Professional Liability is crucial to helping you recover and get back to the job through whatever issues may come up. We remain your advocates through helping you through any claims that may be brought forth and constantly look to strengthen or re-evaluate plans to help you save money and reach your business goals.